Why I made ServerAvatar and why it's Free?

How I got Idea of ServerAvatar and why it’s FREE?

Okay, In this article I am going to tell you how I got the idea of ServerAvatar and the most asked question, Why ServerAvatar is free!

I am going to answer both of them clearly. This article is going to be fun and informative. Yes, In last 4-5 months I made many mistakes that I will publish on my main blog.

First, let me tell you how I got the idea of ServerAvatar.

Before 1 Year, My Godaddy hosting account was going to expire. I thought, Let’s purchase VPS as it costs almost same as Shared web hosting. (But I was not knowing that unmanaged VPS does not have cPanel).

Okay, I paid $6 to Interserver.net and got VPS. Yes, I got IP and Root Password! And I was like, Where the hell is cPanel. Before 1 year, I was not in the situation to hire someone to configure my VPS.

I thought somehow I will do it. After that, I saw some tutorials and started banging my head on the terminal. I tried to transfer my site. It took me 1.5 months to successfully transfer the site after 20+ failed tries and yes, Site was down for 1 month and that’s why Google De-indexed it.

As a Result, Traffic From search engine was down to 0. I used to get around 100 before this and yes, I used to get potential leads too!

After that, I learned PHP and got to know that we can connect PHP with System! At that time I was thinking “Why the fuck there is no system online that can manage servers for bloggers and non-technical guys/girls” 😉 .

I researched for some days and got ServerPilot. But Honestly, I think ServerPilot take control over the whole server. I mean, They even don’t allow users to edit virtual host!

After that, I created one code that can run one command on the server. So, I first made one PHP script to run single command on the server;

And it was working fine! I thought I can make the whole system on it. In 10th of May 2016, I actually Started coding ServerAvatar v1.0 and on 2nd of July 2016. ServerAvatar was live!

I got 150+ users on the first day and it’s growing faster than my expectations. Now, Coming to the main point. Why ServerAvatar is free!

Frankly, It’s free because I want to grab as many users as possible before December 2016.

After that, There will be no traditional plans to use ServerAvatar. You’ll have to pay for the features you use. That’s all! and little Surprise!

From now, Manage Unlimited Servers for free! I’ve removed the limit of 3 servers!


PS : Sorry for bad English in this post. I’m in hurry!