How to connect Vultr Server with ServerAvatar?

is one of the fastest growing VPS Providers in the whole world! They have more than 12 datacenters and you can get your server from any data center you want! But I have to say, It’s better than Digitalocean according to me. Vultr provides more features and more power than other VPS providers.

Not only they provide Virtual Private servers but they also provide block storage as well as dedicated instances! Vultr is more flexible than any other VPS Providers. We personally use Vultr for Development purpose and also to host niche websites šŸ˜‰ .

Now, Let’s get started with the tutorial. The process is same as Digitalocean. But some options are bit different than Digitalocean and that’s why, to avoid confusion, it’s good to repeat the whole tutorial.

First of all, In instances tab of your dashboard, click on the “+” button given on the right side of your screen. Here is the Screenshot to make things easier!

Create Server in Vultr

Click on that button and you will be redirected to the page from which you can create a server. On that page, you will find lots and lots of Options. We will Talk about every section.

In the first section, you have to select the location of your instance!

Server location Section Vultr
Select any Location you want! You have lots of options to select from. ServerAvatar will support any Location.


Server Type Section Vultr
ServerAvatar only supports Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 Operating Systems. The default will be CentOS, You can click on Ubuntu to select it!


Server Size Vultr
You can select size according to your needs, ServerAvatar has nothing to do with the size of the server.


Additional Options Vultr
You can select any option if you need. SA does not have anything to do with additional Features! You can select startup script if you have any.


Finalise the instance in Vultr
You can add SSH Key if you want, Enter the Label and hostname of the server and create it.

After selecting options according to yours and ServerAvatar’s needs, you can click on the deploy now button. In Few minutes, your server will be ready and you will get E-mail.

In theĀ case of Vultr, you will get root information from the control panel of your account. Now, Click on theĀ Add Server button from ServerAvatar Dashboard and you will get one form with two fields just like this one.

Add Server to ServerAvatar

Enter IP of your server and Root password. Click on theĀ Add Server button and ServerAvatar will start working on your server! It will take 3-4 minutes for ServerAvatarĀ to configure and optimize the server.

Once done, you will be redirected to Dashboard and You will getĀ Server Panel button corresponding to the Server. Here is how it looks!

ServerAvatar Server Panel

So, this is how you can connect Vultr server with ServerAvatar and get server managed without touching the command line! if you have any questions regarding this tutorial or ServerAvatar, you can comment in the comment section and we will solve your question as soon as possible!

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