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A collaboration with UpCloud: One of the best Cloud Service providers in the market

A collaboration with UpCloud: One of the best Cloud Service providers in the market

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UpCloud, If you know, is one of the best cloud service providers in the market. Just like Google Cloud, Amazon web services, Vultr and Digitalocean, they provide on-demand virtual private servers to host websites, APIs and applications.

ServerAvatar is a server management system that allows it’s users to manage web servers with ease. If you are using ServerAvatar, you do not have to touch the command-line interface to host your WordPress/PHP APIs and web applications on your virtual private servers.

Right now, there are two types of companies in the cloud market that can work together to improve the overall experience of people who are moving to cloud computing. First, there are companies that can provide cloud servers to anyone who wants to take advantage of cloud computing. Second, there are companies that allow their customers to manage those cloud servers without worrying about technical difficulties and learning curve.

It happens so that ServerAvatar is the second type of company. Because we provide cloud server management services so that Internet marketers, web developers, and system administrators can work on their servers with ease. And UpCloud? UpCloud is the first type of company that provides cloud computing services to its customers.

Why UpCloud + ServerAvatar?

UpCloud is very popular nowadays. Many of our customers use UpCloud servers to host their websites, APIs and web applications. It is growing fast because UpCloud provides the best performance in the market.

ServerAvatar is growing fast too! It is because we provide quick setup, easy management and smooth experience to our customers. We have managed more than 13,000 applications on 4,000 servers till now.

As many of our customers are already a customer of UpCloud, UpCloud and ServerAvatar started talking with each other with one goal in mind. It is to improve the experience of UpCloud customers with the help of ServerAvatar.

How can ServerAvatar improve the experience of UpCloud Customers?

You see, with the growth of the cloud computing market, people are moving from traditional web hosting to cloud hosting. Right now, everyone wants to move their projects to cloud hosting.

Why? It is because you get features like dedicated resources for your sites, Quick upgrades, and downgrades based on your requirements as well as better support. The only thing that is preventing WordPress/PHP users from moving on to cloud is, management! cPanel is convenient for PHP/WordPress users but you do not get benefits of the cloud in that case.

Maybe that is why you hesitate when you think about migrating your WordPress/PHP websites from traditional cPanel based web hostings to cloud.

With the help of ServerAvatar, UpCloud customers who use WordPress/PHP to develop websites, APIs and web applications can quickly and securely deploy their projects on cloud servers provided by UpCloud.

And, we are always here to help you when you face an unexpected problem while managing applications and databases on your servers. ServerAvatar provides features like WordPress auto-installer, multiple PHP versions, database management, Automatic SSL certificates, Multiple domains for a single application and much more.

In Conclusion, This collaboration of UpCloud and ServerAvatar is a win-win for both companies. But, it is a BIG WIN-WIN for the customers of both companies. With this collaboration, UpCloud customers who use WordPress or PHP will always have a Server Management system to rely on.

Adarsh Sojitra

Adarsh Sojitra

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