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ServerAvatar Billing

ServerAvatar has a pay-as-you-grow billing model, so you will only pay for the services you use. This means that your month-to-month billing might vary based on your usage.

To simplify things, we have a Wallet where you can purchase, store, and use credits. When renewing any of your services, ServerAvatar will deduct the credits from your ServerAvatar wallet, not your credit card.

There are two different types of services where you can use the credits you purchase. These are:

  1. Server Management
  2. Backup Storage

Let's understand both of them in detail.

Server Management

This service is the reason why you use ServerAvatar. We have two Server management plans:

  1. Newbie ($2.36/Month/Server)
  2. Pro ($6/Month/Server)

You can have multiple servers in your account, and you can use different plans on each server.

Let's see some examples to help you understand the total monthly pricing.


Case 1: 5 servers -> 3 Pro + 2 Newbie = ($6 * 3) + ($2.36 * 2) = $22.72/month

Case 2: 3 servers -> 3 Pro + 0 Newbie = ($6 * 3) + ($2.36 * 0) = $18/month

Case 3: 1 server -> 0 Pro + 1 Newbie = ($6 * 0) + ($2.36 * 1) = $2.36/month

No Per-site Charge

We do not charge for each application, so you can create as many applications on your server as you want without affecting your monthly billing.

Fixed price for any server

We also do not charge based on your server size. For ServerAvatar, a server with 1GB RAM costs the same as a server with 64GB RAM.

Backup Storage

Using ServerAvatar as a cloud storage provider to store your backups will cost you $0.07/GB/Month.

The credits will be deducted from your account once a backup is successfully created. Once the backup is completed, ServerAvatar will calculate the price for that specific backup using the following formula:

Backup Storage Pricing

price = size_in_GB * 0.07 * retention_period_in_months

The retention period is the time during which we will keep your backup safe, even if you delete your application. You can select it while creating an instant backup or a backup plan for your application, database, or files. Let's take a look at an example.

Example 1

Backup Size: 1.47GB

Retention Period: 2 Months

Price = 1.47 * 0.07 * 2 = $0.2058

In conclusion, a backup of size 1.47GB kept safe for two months will cost you $0.2058 one-time.

You can use the formula above to estimate the cost of your backup plan.

Like the Server Management service, the credits for backup storage will be deducted from your ServerAvatar wallet once the backup is successfully created.