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A Wallet in ServerAvatar is your billing dashboard. It will show you all the important things regarding your billing like:

  1. Available Credits
  2. Monthly Cost Estimate
  3. List of Active services

Now, Let's see how to access wallet in ServerAvatar.


Make sure your wallet is funded for upcoming renewals or charges. If your wallet does not have enough credits, You will receive an E-mail notification.

How to access wallet

Step 1 & 2: Log in to your ServerAvatar account and click on the Billing -> Wallet option from the left sidebar.

Access Wallet

Now, You will see the wallet on your screen. It will show you the above mentioned sections. Just like the following image.



Note that the wallet section may look a bit different in your account based on the plan you are using.

How to add credits to Wallet

Purchasing credits is very easy. Here are the steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Navigate to the wallet and click on the + Add Credits button with green background. It is highlighted in the following image.

Add Credits

Now you will see a simple form containing two fields. And a summary of the order, along with the Pay Now button.

Step 2: Enter the amount of credits you want to purchase. For example, 25. Also enter the coupon code in the next field if you have any.

Add Credits

Step 3: Finally, Click on the Pay Now button to add credits to your account. It will take you to PayPal or Instamojo payment gateways depending on your country.

Once the payment is successful, ServerAvatar will verify it and instantly add equivalent credits to your ServerAvatar wallet.

So, this is How wallet works in ServerAvatar. Finally, Let's see where to find invoices for these transactions.