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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is a powerful security feature for any web application. We provide the two-factor authentication via E-mail.

If the two-factor authentication is enabled in your Account, You will receive an OTP in your registered E-mail address on each login attempt. We do not allow Remember me! sessions, and ServerAvatar sessions are short-lived.

Here are the steps you must follow to enable Two-factor authentication in your Account.

Step 1: Log in to your Account.

Step 2: Click on the Account -> Security -> 2FA from the left sidebar.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Now, You will see a card with a single switch, just like the following image.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Step 3: Click on the switch to enable the Two Factor Authentication in your Account.

Once enabled, The section will look like the following image.

Two-Factor Authentication


If you want to disable 2FA, You click on the same switch, which will disable it immediately.

Recovery Codes (Backup Codes)

When you enable Two-factor authentication in your Account, ServerAvatar creates a set of recovery codes for you. Just in case you cannot receive an OTP via an E-mail address, You can use one of these six codes to log in to your Account.

Can use one code once only. It means that when you are out of recovery codes and don't receive an OTP via E-mail, You will be locked out of your Account. So, Make sure you regenerate recovery codes now and then.

Here are the actions you can perform for the recovery codes.

  1. Regenerate Codes: Use this option if you want to regenerate recovery codes for your Account.
  2. Send E-mail: You can send an E-mail containing the recovery codes.
  3. Copy to Clipboard: Copy Recovery codes to the clipboard.
  4. Save as Text: Use this option to store the recovery codes in text format.

Authenticator App

You will have to install a Google Authenticator app to use the two-factor authentication using the authenticator app.

Open the Google Authenticator application and scan the QR code. Then the app will show a code. Enter the code and click on Enable to enable 2FA using the authenticator app.

Two-Factor Authentication

After entering the correct code, enable the 2FA using the authenticator app on your Account.


Before deleting an Account from the Google Authenticator app, Please disable the authenticator app.

So, this is how you can manage Two Factor Authentication in ServerAvatar.