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Application level issues are the reason behind majority of the downtime. A small issue in the .htaccess file can take your site down. Similarly, Trying out an untested plugin or theme can take it down if it has issues. Similarly, some manual changes in the code too! The solution of these issues is not something we do at ServerAvatar

This is the paid tier we will add to the overall support. In this case, when an incident happens of the wordpress application level downtime or issue, You can ask ServerAvatar support to troubleshoot your site with the technical knowledge of the team. The pricing of this level of support will be $10/Incident. This level is for the users who identify themselves “non-technical” and cannot understand logs and site level code.


Application level support is available only for WordPress applications.

Follow the steps given below to generate application level support ticket in ServerAvatar.

Step 1: Navigate to Application DashboardSupport.

Step 2: You will see the Support page like the below image. If any issue in your wordpress application then fill the details and click on Pay Now & Create a Ticket.

step 2