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Understanding Database Management

There are many methods to effectively manage databases and access on those databases by MySQL users. It is possible that your previous management system managed database in a different way than ServerAvatar.

So, Understanding database and access management is very important if you are just getting started with ServerAvatar.

In ServerAvatar, We use simple database management technique that is effective and provides security by isolating users to a single database only.

Here is the visual representation of the database management in ServerAvatar.


In this diagram, There are multiple MySQL databases in a single server. Then, There are multiple database users for a single database. Usually, when you create a database in ServerAvatar, You will be asked to create a user for that database too.

That user will have full access to the assigned database only. Or, you can say, A database user belongs to the database. It means that the credentials of that database user cannot be used to manipulate or see the data on other databases hosted on the same server.

You can have as many database users as you want under any specific database. You can also create Database users with remote host (IPv4) to enable remote access on your database. You can learn more about it in The Create Database user section.