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What is an Isolated Environment?


An isolated environment is a security feature in ServerAvatar that allows you to host different applications under different user accounts.

As one application user cannot access the files of another application user, you get an environment where security issues on one site cannot affect the other sites hosted on your server. Imagine someone hacked into your application files and tried to access application files using absolute paths. It won't work when it comes to ServerAvatar.

Similarly, a PHP script with the same intention will not work, and a WordPress plugin with malicious code cannot affect other websites on the same server.

As a best practice, create one system user for one application if you want an isolated environment for each application. Or, if you have a group of developers, freelancers, or clients who need access to the server files, you can create multiple applications under a single user account.


Multiple applications under one application user account are not in an isolated environment from each other. But multiple applications under multiple application user accounts are in isolated environments.

Here is the visual representation of isolated environments. It will make it easier for you to understand.

Isolated Environments

This way, you can manage as many users and as many applications as you want on your servers. There is no limit on how many sites you can create per application user or how many application users you can create on a single server.

Finally, as you know all the fundamentals of ServerAvatar, let's get started with the installation part!