How to connect Digitalocean Droplet with ServerAvatar

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 24/08/2018 · 2 Comments

Digitalocean is one of the most popular VPS/VM providers. It is because Digitalocean's simplicity. Digitalocean allows you to create and destroy your servers whenever you want. You can create or rebuild or destroy your server in matter of seconds, same goes for upgrade and downgrade.

Majority of's customers are Digitalocean Customers too! We too, Love the simplicity and performance of Digitalocean for it's security, stability and simplicity.

Don't get confused by the name, When I say Server, I am referring to Droplet. A droplet in Digitalocean is a VM instance that has it's memory, CPU and dedicated IP address on which you can install any operating system you like and manage it on your desired management system.

In this short and Sweet tutorial, I will create a brand new Digitalocean Droplet, and I will connect it with my ServerAvatar account. I will embed some screenshots so that you can understand it without getting confused.

So, this tutorial consists of two parts, First one is to create a Digitalocean droplet and second is to connect it with your ServerAvatar account. Let's start with the first part of the tutorial. If you already have a Digitalocean droplet, You can skip the first part.

Create a Digitalocean Droplet

As I told you, Creating a VM/VPS/Droplet in Digitalocean is very easy. First of all, Click on the "Create" button given on the top-right corner of your Digitalocean Dashboard. From the dropdown, Click on the "Droplet" option.

Now, you will see a bunch of options you have to deal with. Don't worry, If you are a ServerAvatar user, you can follow this guide being sure you won't stumble upon unwanted errors. The first option is to choose an image. Select Ubuntu 16.04 x64 or Ubuntu 18.04 x64 as both of them are supported by ServerAvatar.

The second option is to Choose a size which depends on you as you know how many visitors you are expecting. We recommend you to start with 1GB memory and then you can upgrade as your application grows!

The third option is to add backups if you want. Note that backups will cost you 20% of your Droplet's price. For example, If you have selected a droplet that costs $5, you will be charged extra $1 every month for automatic backups.

The fourth option is to add Block storage. Block storage is an extra storage space that you can connect with your droplet so that you can store more data on your droplet. By default, you will get 25GB of storage on $5 Digitalocean droplet which is enough to get started. You can also attach block storage after creating a droplet.

The fifth option is to Choose a Datacenter Region which depends on the location from which you are getting/will get majority of your traffic. If the majority of your traffic is from India, Select Bangalore. If the majority of your traffic is from USA, Select New York or San Francisco. Same goes for other locations.

Once you have selected the datacenter region, the next two options you will get are optional. You can select the option if you want or not, it's up to you. If you don't understand what they mean, keep them as they are.

In the Finalize and create section, Just select how many droplets you want to create and what will be the name of those droplets. The project is optional, By default, it will be the name of your account. Once you've selected the options, Click on the Create button and the droplet will be ready in 1-2 minutes!

Connect Digitalocean Droplet with ServerAvatar

Once your droplet is ready, you will get an E-mail from Digitalocean containing credentials of your Digitalocean droplet just like the following image.

Once you get this E-mail, Login to your account and Click on the Add button given on the top-right corner of the dashboard. From the dropdown, Select Server just like the following image.

On the page, you will get a form with few fields and the card with all the instructions to connect a server. Copy-paste IP address and Root password from the E-mail from Digitalocean to the form you can see on the Add Server page.

In Server Name, you can enter anything, It's just so that you can identify your servers quickly. For example, DBServer1 or WebServer1 or something like that.

Once you've entered all the required information, Click on the Add Server button and serveravatar will start working on your server. Once inspection is complete, It will show you progress bar so that you can know how much configuration is left.

Once the process is complete, you will be redirected to the server panel from which you can manage your servers, Deploy new WordPress websites, Manage databases, Manage firewall, and much more!

So, this is how you can connect your Digitalocean Droplet with your ServerAvatar account. If you don't have a ServerAvatar account yet, Click here to get a free trial right now!

If you are facing any issue connecting your Digitalocean Droplet with your ServerAvatar account, Please let us know in the comment section or in the support ticket. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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