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One Panel to Manage All Cloud Servers!

Quickly deploy new WordPress sites, Configure servers with Optimised Stack, and stay far away from the command line interface.

One-Click WordPress Installation

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the market. It powers more than 40% of the websites on the internet. With ServerAvatar, You can quickly install WordPress on your domain name within 10 seconds.

Automatic Server Configuration

With ServerAvatar, You can quickly create and configure a new VPS/VM within 5 minutes. ServerAvatar will automatically configure the Optimised Apache or Nginx stack on your server.

It will also configure all the additional software on the server to help you operate on your website with ease.

Stay away from CLI 

For a non-technical person, managing a server through command line is almost like a punishment and we understand that. ServerAvatar is specifically built to keep you away from the command line so that you can focus on your work, not server management.

We provide all the features on the panel that you need to manage secure WordPress/PHP websites on your VPS/VM/Cloud servers.

Manage Multiple Sites on a Single Server

Unlike Digitalocean WordPress Applications, You can host multiple sites on a single similar Digitalocean Droplet. This fact applies to all the cloud service providers who provide applications with VPS/VM.

You can simply create one server, connect it with ServerAvatar and manage more than one site on a single server.

Automated Monitoring and Alerts

We start monitoring your servers and sites as soon as you create them. We monitor your server's Disk usage, RAM usage and Server load every 5 minutes. We also monitor the server load average every minute!

You can also set the custom threshold for alerts. We will notify you as soon as the resource usage crosses the threshold.

Automate Server Creation and Deletion

Connect your ServerAvatar account with your favourite Cloud service providers like Digitalocean, Vultr and AWS Lightsail. Once integrated, You can create and configure a server directly from the ServerAvatar dashboard, just like any other managed web hosting but better!

Automatic Backup and Restore

Create instant backups, Create a backup plan for automatic backups, and restore any backup with one-click!

You can create Full application backup or only the database or files. You can also connect ServerAvatar with storage provider account to store backups.

Temporary Domains for Testing and Migration

You do not need a domain name to get started with ServerAvatar. Just connect your server and create a site with temporary domain names provided by ServerAvatar, E.g:

It helps you migrate your website to ServerAvatar without downtime. And it also helps you create websites for testing purposes.

Testimonials from Webmasters

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  • "ServerAvatar is one of the best (if not the best) Server Management Panels I have used and I am actively using it for more and more products. It's easy to setup and comes with features that are actually usable and useful."
    Nitesh Manav
    Director at Digitally Upstream
  • "The best and most cost-effective way for our company to manage our cloud computing infrastructure is through ServerAvatar. For almost a year now, We have been a happy customer."
    Taj Soheil Siddique
    Co-founder - RecordMetrics LLP
  • "I use ServerAvatar since 2019, I love the simplicity, Easy to set up and support really helpfully. Support is always there to help you!"
    Dony Maulana

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