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How to connect Ubuntu 16.04 server with ServerAvatar

Managing cloud servers through the command line can be a real pain. Even if you are a professional system administrator, you would like to work on a system that helps you automate tasks that contains a group of similar commands.

ServerAvatar was first created for non-technical people like bloggers. The people who don’t have technical knowledge about Web servers, Linux commands, Configuration, etc. With ServerAvatar, anyone can set up a website on VPS in less than 10 minutes without writing a single command manually.

Let’s get started with the actual tutorial without wasting any more time!

Setup Ubuntu 16.04 server with ServerAvatar

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Considering that you already have Ubuntu 16.04 server, we will get started with this article. You can create an Ubuntu 16.04 server from Digitalocean or Vultr or any other company that provides cloud servers or VPS.

Once you have your server ready, next step is to connect it with To connect it with, you must have the following information about your server.

  1. IP Address (ipv4)
  2. Root password

Your VPS company must provide you with this information. Here are some companies that provide cloud servers and how they share this information with their users.

  1. Digitalocean: If you have created Digitalocean droplet, you will get droplet information on your E-mail address just after you create a droplet on your Digitalocean account. Your E-mail address will contain information just like the following image.
    Digitalocean droplet information
  2. Vultr: If you have created a Vultr instance, you will get server information on the server page. You can access server page by clicking on the name of the droplet given in the list of the instances. Here is where you can find server information on that page.
    Vultr instance information

Once you have server information, Click here to open your ServerAvatar dashboard and then click on the add server button to add a new server.

On that page, you will find a simple form with 3 fields to enter the required information. It will contain Server name field in which you can enter any name for identification, IP address in which you have to enter the IP address of your server and Root password in which you have to enter the password of your server.

Add server in

Once you have entered the required information, click on Add Server button and ServerAvatar will start working on your server instantly.

It takes 2-3 minutes for ServerAvatar to configure your server. Once it is ready, you can access server panel which looks like the following image! Elegant and awesome!

Server panel

This is how Server Panel of ServerAvatar looks like. From this panel, you can manage almost everything on your server. From Databases and Database users to Cronjobs and Firewall!

ServerAvatar also keeps track of the load your server is facing at any given time. If the traffic on your server is unusual, you will get E-mail within 15 minutes. Same for websites. If Something goes wrong on any of your site, you will get E-mail notification in less than 5 minutes.

So, this is how you can set up your server with ServerAvatar. Let us know if you are facing any issue while adding your server in the command section.

Adarsh Sojitra

Adarsh Sojitra

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