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Our Story

A Great Story Starts with a Friendly Team

The initial development of ServerAvatar began on 1st of January 2016. After 7 months of Development, the first, free version of ServerAvatar was launched. Since then, the team grew from 1 person to 10 people.

Right now, ServerAvatar has full technical team working tirelessly on daily basis to make cloud management easy for everyone!

We Follow the Process.

At ServerAvatar, we follow a process that allows us to create and deploy stable features on the system.


We perform throughout research on a specific topic.


After complete research, the feature is designed.


Each feature is developed and tested intensively.


Once the feature is ready, It is available for all users!

Our Team

The People Behind Quiety

ServerAvatar team contains people with various talents in different technical fields.
Adarsh Sojitra
Founder & CEO
Smit Pipaliya
Senior Backend Developer
Suresh Ramani
Full Stack Developer
Dipali Radadiya
Backend Developer
Krishna Akbari
Frontend Developer
Nishant Rastogi
Linux System Administrator
Support Head
Smeet Sojitra
Pritesh Prajapati
Project Manager
Darshan Siroya
Python Developer
Denish Gol
UI/UX Designer

All ServerAvatar Features are included in this Trial.

Get Started For Free!

Create a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04 Server and Execute the following installation commands as a root user.

$ wget https://srvr.so/install
$ chmod +x install
$ ./install

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