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How to Create an Application using ServerAvatar

By Darshan Shiroya · Published: 16/08/2021 · No Comments
ServerAvatar provides an easy way to create an application with just a few clicks. you can manage multiple website using simple user interface. For creating an application you need to follow the simple step as below- Login to your ServerAvatar account Select a specific server and click on the server panel option visible under your […]
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How to update PHP version and Settings of an Application/Site

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 21/09/2018 · No Comments
Till now, all the applications on your server had just one shared PHP configuration. It means, If you are setting max_input_vars or any other PHP directive within php.ini configuration file, it would apply to all the applications hosted on your server. Same goes for the PHP version selection. You had to select the version at server […]
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How to install Custom SSL Certificate on Ubuntu

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 09/08/2018 · No Comments
ServerAvatar is one of the best Server management panel that provides support for multiple PHP applications and SSL Certificates on a single VPS provided by companies like Digitalocean, Vultr, Linode, etc. By default, ServerAvatar can install Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates on your applications for Free. But we know, Everyone doesn't require Free SSL Certificates provided by us. […]
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How to install Automatic SSL Certificate in ServerAvatar

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 07/08/2018 · No Comments
Having SSL Certificate installed on your server to secure your connections with your website visitors is kind of mandatory nowadays. There are two major reasons behind it. First, Getting SSL Certificate for your website is easy now. Second, It improves the overall privacy of your customers/visitors. Also, The most used web browser by Google will […]
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How to Install Custom PHP Application on Ubuntu Server

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 07/07/2018 · 5 Comments
PHP is one of the most used server-side scripting languages. The website on which you are reading this article is created using WordPress. WordPress is written in PHP. Using PHP, you can make any type of website; From a simple blog to complicated and huge sites like Facebook (It was built in PHP too!). In […]
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