Welcome, Curtis Rickard!

Welcome, Curtis Rickard!
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ServerAvatar was one of the first few products in this market to launch. 

When I started building ServerAvatar back in January 2016, we only knew of one similar product called ServerPilot; another popular server management system named runcloud.io came into the market around September 2018, that’s 2 months after the first version of ServerAvatar became available to the public.

I (Adarsh Sojitra) built the next 4 versions single-handedly; each with major updates, latest technology and better scopes.

The first version of ServerAvatar was lite, it was a basic product lacking in features, though I then started to really build on it with a constant flow of updates and improvements; right now, we’ve made great use of tech and have a solid base on which we can scale!

ServerAvatar has been providing the service since July 2016 and honestly it’s not as popular as the peers who started providing the service since then.

There are a few reasons for that, actually there are really two major reasons why it’s not as popular as I hoped for…

The first being the lack of experience in the field of Branding and Marketing…

I have a good experience with SEO and content marketing, however,  ServerAvatar is a bootstrapped business and my first priority was to get the technology right.

I did not have enough time to work on documentation, marketing, branding and UI/UX design.

Till now, what ServerAvatar lacked was quality UI/UX, branding, and marketing. 

But now, things are about to change!

ServerAvatar has a new partner who is really capable of handling the branding and marketing side of ServerAvatar, and I’m sure already know who I’m talking about based on the title of this article.

Our new partner, Curtis Rickard, will be the “Head of Brand” and will oversee branding and marketing side of ServerAvatar.

Curtis will start working from now!

Based on the quality of ideas and marketing strategies proposed by him, I can say, our partnership will take ServerAvatar to the next level in our market.

Let’s read what Curtis has to say about our new partnership and his role as a Head of Brand in ServerAvatar.

Curtis Rickard:

Thanks Adarsh!

There’s something really exciting about joining ServerAvatar 🥳

From the time I first tested and started using ServerAvatar, right up till now, I have seen a lot of features stealthily popup.

I’ve felt ServerAvatar is underrated…

It’s something we’re going to change starting…

Right now!

In my mind ServerAvatar is something else, it’s a server management panel like no one has ever seen before and I’ve got some serious plans I want to put into action 🤫; I can’t wait for everyone else to see exactly what I do.

Big changes are coming…

Muahahaha (sinister laugh)… ya I just did that 🤣

Some of you may have questions for me, so feel free to reach out whenever!

I’m glad to now be a part of the team! 🥳

3 Responses

  1. Adarsh, I’m happy to hear that you are partnering with Curtis. I really appreciate your commitment to putting quality out there, rather than having only a commercial intent. I think so many out there take tech quality for granted. So, seeing your commitment to excellence before commercialization is a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the platform. I’ve enjoyed using it!

    Good luck to both of you during this next chapter!

    1. Thanks man! I always work to create an awesome and stable product before scaling it. Now I will be able to focus on creating a quality product and Curtis will help me with Branding which is just awesome!

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