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Troubleshoot includes ensuring that your server configuration and setup are up-to-date. We provide you with an automatic setup and management panel, where we take care of your server configuration files, installations, and other tasks that require changes in the server configuration. Each task you perform with ServerAvatar requires some command execution and config file editing.

We will continue to provide server-level troubleshoot for free, but we have made it easier for you to identify server-level issues. In the Troubleshoot section, you will find a Recheck Server Configuration option that you can use to instantly check for any issues in your server configuration. If there are any issues, you will receive a list of them instantly, and you can resolve them with the help of generating a ticket.

Follow the steps below to Check Your Server Configuration in ServerAvatar:

Step 1: Navigate to Server PanelTroubleshoot.

Step 2: You will see the Troubleshoot page, as shown in the image below. If there are any issues with your server configuration, click on Check & Reset.

step 2

  • If all services are active, you will see the image below.

    step 2

Step 3: After checking your server configuration, you can start any stopped service in the Services section. If your service is still not activated, you can Generate a Ticket to resolve the issue.

step 3