About Company

We are your Cloud Management team!

ServerAvatar, Founded in 2016, is providing Server Management and Monitoring services to web developers and Internet marketers with the help of Easy to use Web application.


Try out our cloud server management panel, It will help you easily manage servers and sites on cloud!


Along with the management, You will also sometime require expert help. We are always here to help you!

Our Methods and Values

We are a young company, Ran by Young team members!


Perfect Balance of human resources to make sure your experience is flawless.

Smart Work

We are a group of geeks who like to research and find new solutions. And we develop fast.


We take the one thing we do the best, seriously! That is the Development of this web app.



We make sure that the webapp we are growing is easy to use and saves you a lot of time.

A Team to help you with Cloud Management!

Core Team

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Adarsh Sojitra CEO & Founder
Started the development of ServerAvatar in 2016. Adarsh Sojitra has years of experience in programming and Linux system administration.
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Suresh Ramani Senior Frontend Developer
A Geek Expert in Broadcasting and Frontend Development. Suresh Ramani is handling the Frontend as well as R&D in ServerAvatar since 2018.
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Smit Pipaliya Senior Backend Developer
Expert in Software Development and Go Lang, Smit Pipaliya works on an API that allows ServerAvatar to communicate with servers managed by us.
Nishant Rastogi System Administrator and Support Head
Nishant Rastogi is a talented Linuix System Administrator. He is handling the Support and Research for ServerAvatar since 2019.
Denish Gol Junior Product Designer
Expert in UI/UX and Graphics designing, Denish Gol is a new team member who works on the v6.2 and v7.0 of ServerAvatar.
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Krishna Akbari Frontend Developer
Expert in Vue.js Development. Krishna Akbari works on day-to-day updates in User interface as well as the new features.
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Dipali Radadiya Backend Developer
Expert in Laravel Development. Dipali Radadiya works on the backend/API for the web application.