Fully Automated Setup.

When you want to host a website or an application on your VPS/VM/Dedicated, the first step is to set up a desired tech stack on that server. Luckily, ServerAvatar handles all the initial installation and configuration automatically.

Apache web server
Apache Stack

Use Apache stack for stable and dynamic environments. Recommended for Laravel, Codeignitor and other custom PHP projects.

2560px-Nginx_logo.svg (1) (1)
Nginx Stack

Use Nginx stack for WordPress and similar content management systems for maximum performance.

openlitespeed-logo-1200x300-1-1024x256 (3)
OLS Stack

OpenLiteSpeed is the fastest web server specifically for WordPress sites. It also allows you to manage .htaccess file for your sites.

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MERN/MEAN stack is designed to build, deploy and manage Node.js projects on your servers. NPM and Yarn is also present.

Secure Environment.

Security of your sites and servers is paramount to us. Hence, We provide the following security features. If used correctly, can provide you highly secure environment for your infrastructure.

Firewall Management

Manage additional layer of firewall at server level. Create and manage firewall rules as per the requirements.

Server Access Control

Toggle and control the access to your servers and sites directly as well as share your server with limited access.


Use 2-Factor authentication to further secure your account.

IP WhiteListing

IP Whitelisting allows you to enable account access from specific IPs only.

SSH Key Management

Manage SSH keys for system users as well as disable password access.

Fail2Ban Management

Fail2Ban allows you to automatically monitor and block IP addresses that show suspicious login/other activities depending on rules.

Isolated Environments

Isolated environments allow you to keep your sites isolated from each other. If one site gets infected, other sites are safe!

Robust Server Management

At server level, We provide automation for almost every task that you have to perform to host your sites.

Automatic Setup

Automatically provision a server with a desired tech stack in minutes.

Multiple Sites

Host multiple websites on a single server with isolated environments and settings.

Multiple Users

Manage multiple system users on your servers. A system user can have SSH/SFTP access.

Multiple Databases

Manage databases on your server along with the remote access (optional).

Health Monitoring

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Remote Database Access

Allow remote access to a specific database from a specific IP address.

Change SSH Port

Set and manage SSH keys for system users directly from the panel.

Server Alerts

Set custom thresholds for alerts and receive alerts directly in mail.

Load Monitoring

Monitor 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes load average of a server.


Manage data in your databases using secure PHPMyAdmin installation.

Enable/Disable Root Login

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Advanced Log Viewer

View server level logs as well as search and filter in the log files.

Query Monitoring

Monitor different types of queries and number of executions.

Automatic Security Updates

Enable/Disable security updates on the server as well as manage frequency.

Cronjob Management

Automate repetitive tasks on the server using cronjobs.

Automated Disk Cleaner

Clean log files, temporary files and other unwanted files with a single click.

Quickly Deploy New Apps

Our platform simplifies app deployment. Upload your code, configure with a few clicks, and get your app live in no time. This frees you to focus on what matters most – creating amazing applications.

Get started quickly and easily with our intuitive self-service deployment feature..

Enable robust security for your website with our free, built-in SSL certificate.

Breeze through website updates with our user-friendly file manager – no complex FTP clients required!

One-Click Staging Area

Our one-click staging area lets you create a perfect replica of your website in seconds. Experiment with new themes, plugins, and code changes in a safe, isolated environment before pushing them live.

  • Instant Staging
  • Safe Experimentation
  • Peace of Mind
  • Seamless Deployment

Backup and Restore in No time!

Our intuitive backup and restore features let you create complete snapshots of your website with a single click. Restore from any point in time to ensure minimal disruption and keep your website up and running, no matter what.

Effortlessly schedule automatic backups or create them on-demand, and restore your website in minutes from any available backup point.

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your valuable website data is always secure and readily available for recovery.

Dedicated Environment for Each App!

Our dedicated environment solution provides each of your apps with its own secure space, complete with dedicated resources. This eliminates conflicts and ensures optimal performance for every application, fostering a smooth and reliable user experience.

  • Isolated Workspaces
  • Enhanced Security
  • Scalability Made Easy
  • Streamlined Management

Clone and Migrate your Sites

Our user-friendly cloning and migration tools make the process effortless. Create a perfect copy of your existing site in seconds, then seamlessly transfer it to a new server or hosting provider. Minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition with our intuitive one-click approach.

Create an exact copy of your website with a single click, fostering efficient development and testing workflows.

Simplify website transfers to new servers or providers using our user-friendly migration tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Manage Domains on your Sites​

Update DNS records, tweak contact info, and set up subdomains – all in one place. No more switching platforms, just complete control over your online presence.

  • Centralized Management
  • DNS Management
  • Subdomain Creation
  • Enhanced Control