Server Management

If you are a developer, or a technical person, You have all the essential features at the server level to manage it with ease.

Quick Setup

Install LAMP/LEMP/OLS stack in 5 minutes!

Multiple Sites

Feel Free to Host Multiple sites on a single server.

Live Resource Usage Info

See Live Data from Server on the Server panel.

PHP-CLI Versions

Update PHP-CLI version anytime you want!

Manage Services

Monitor, Start, Stop or Restart services on the go.

Manage Users

Manage Access and Settings for each user on the server.

Log Viewer

Search and Filter in various server level log files.

Manage Cronjobs

Create/Manage Cronjobs on the server with ease.

Manage Databases

Manage MySQL Databases and Database users.

Migrate Sites

Hassle-free migration between two servers.

Disk Cleaning

Remove unwanted files from server in one-click.

Server Alerts

Manage Alerts for 6 different metrics from monitor.

API Access

Want to automate ServerAvatar or have an idea to integrate ServerAvatar with existing applications in the market? Feel free to surf our API documentation. Go ahead and make your idea a reality!

Manage Teams

We have a basic team management ready for you. With the help of team management, You can create different teams for different projects and add other ServerAvatar users to your teams.

Manage Teams

Manage Team members

Manage Applications with Ease!

Application Management


Deploy WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Mautic and Prestashop in matter of minutes!

SSL Certificates

Install and manage Custom as well as Automatic SSL Certificates from the panel.

Multiple Domains

Each Site/Application on the server can have more than one domains along with SSL.

Backup & Restore

Create Instant Backups and Automatic Backup Plans for your Applications and databases.

CloudFlare Integration

Integrate with CloudFlare if you are a CloudFlare user to quickly resolve DNS in the panel.

Site Cloning

Clone your Site on a same or different server managed by ServerAvatar.

Multiple PHP Versions

Execute each Application on a different PHP version on the same server simultaneously.

Per Site PHP Settings

Each site on the server has different set of PHP settings that you can manage per site.

Temporary Domains

You do not need a domain name to start your project. You can use Temporary domains from us.

Staging Area

Create a staging area for a site on same or different server. Sync with one-click.

File Manager

Manage files for your applications from a file manager available on the panel.

Log Viewer

Search, Filter and Highlight in important log files of the applications.

Cloud Platform Integrations

Cloud Platform integrations allow you to bypass the server creation and connection process you have to perform on the Cloud Platform’s interface. Right now, You can integrate with:

Cloud Storage Integrations

With the help of Cloud Storage Integrations, You can store your Application and Database backups on your favourite Cloud Storage Provider.

Security Features

Security of your system is very important. And we take the security of your servers very seriously. To minimize the risks, here are the 6 security features we provide on ServerAvatar.

Monitoring Features

Server Load Monitor

Server Load Monitor allows you to monitor 5 minutes, and 15 minutes load average on the server.
Frequency: 5 minutes

MySQL Query Monitoring

With the help of MySQL query monitor, You can monitor how many queries are being executed on your server.
Frequency: 5 minutes

Uptime Monitoring

ServerAvatar provides uptime monitoring out-of-the-box for all of your applications managed with ServerAvatar. Frequency: 5 minutes

Server Health Monitoring

Server Health Monitor keeps the track of CPU, Memory and Disk usage on your server.
Frequency: 30 minutes

We are here to help!


E-mail Support

E-mail Support

Just hit us an E-mail to create a new support ticket. Our team will start working on your ticket ASAP!

Chat Support

Chat Support

We provide chat support for the major part of 24 hours. Get your problems solved instantly!

Community Support

Community Support

Join ServerAvatar facebook group and get help from other ServerAvatar users as well as the team members!



Documentation allows you to learn features we provide, as well as the solutions to the common problems.

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