Monetize your audience.

ServerAvatar provides you recurring commissions on your sales for the lifetime of the customer. With multiple LTD (Lifetime Deal) and recurring products/services, You can potentially make $200+ per customer’s lifetime in affiliate commissions.

Why Join?

1. Ease of use

The number one requirement when you choosing help desk software is its ease of use and Its good UX will help you.

4. Recurring Commissions

Another relevant our help desk software feature is reporting. Being able to have trustable analytics, & customizable.

2. Live Link & Sales Analytics

AI assistants can help agents categorize incidents, better identify major issues, & adjust based on your help desk.

5. 7-Day Cookies

Self-service capabilities constitute level zero of IT support. They an exist to offer your users 24/7 basic free help.

3. Affiliate Assets

Ticketing workflows will allow you to create predefined sequences for any repeatable process onboarding.

Start Making Revenue with 3 Easy Steps.

It is an intuitive, lightweight solution for managing hours and projects that is easy to adopt and use every day, we’ve designed it to be super fast.

Apply for Affiliate

Easily download free app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, or Linux on any device anytime just-one-click.

Create and Promote Links

Create your account in minutes with the necessary information to ensure the safe and security of your information.

Make Flat 15% on Sales

Time management manually using a timer or automatically for scheduled tasks and to-do lists & also track hours.