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We know, Server configuration includes more than installing a LAMP/LEMP servers.

So, we provide all the essential features you need to set up a secure website on a secure server.

Community Support

Join our Facebook group and connect with other ServerAvatar users.

WordPress Auto-installer

It does not matter if you are using a Free plan or a paid plan. You will get this feature.

Automatic SSL Certificates

We provide one-click SSL Certificates in a Free plan too.

Free Plan (1 server / 1 account)


Quickly Set up your server in less than 4 minutes with all the essential packages installed and configured properly.

1 Application Management

In this Free plan, you are allowed to manage 1 application on a single server per account. You can create more in paid plans.

WordPress Auto-installer

We provide in-built WordPress installer powerful enough to create a WordPress instance with remote database in seconds.

Automatic SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are essential. That is why we provide One-click SSL certificates that we renew automatically for you!

Live server Resource usage Information

On the server panel itself, you can check the live server resource usage information like Memory, Disk and CPU usage.

Custom SSL Certificate installer

If you already have an SSL certificate from your favourite CA, you can install it from ServerAvatar in seconds.

Database Management

ServerAvatar allows you to manage MySQL databases as well as MySQL users to efficiently manage MySQL server.

Change PHP-CLI Version

If you are running automated PHP scripts on command line, you can also set the PHP version you want on the CLI.

LOW Priority Support

The support is not always slow in Free plan. However, we do not guarantee the solution of an issue in any specific time.

Newbie Plan ($2.36/month/server)

Everything from Free Plan

Multiple Applications on Single Server

In a Newbie or Pro plan, you can host multiple WordPress/PHP applications on a single server directly from ServerAvatar.

Quick Firewall (On/Off)

Firewall is very important. In this plan, you get simplest set up for Firewall. You can turn on or off Firewall on your server with one click!

Multiple Domains for Single Application

If you are a developer, you can use this feature to take your web application live on staging domain first for final tests.


PHPMyAdmin allows you to manage MySQL databases on web with GUI. You will get PHPMyAdmin out of the box with this plan.

Server Health Monitor

We fetch server resource usage information every 5 minutes from the server. You can then monitor the health of your server directly from ServerAvatar dashboard.

Basic Log Viewer

Logs contain everything that happens on your server or application. With ServerAvatar, you can fetch and see live logs from your server.

SSH Access

SSH Access is important if you are a developer. It helps you work on your files faster than a file manager. You can enable/disable SSH access in ServerAvatar.


In this plan, you will get medium priority support. We do not guarantee instant support but support tickets are mostly solved within few hours.

Pro Plan ($4.72/month/server)

Everything from NEWBIE Plan

Cronjob Management

Cronjobs are scheduled processes in Linux. You need this feature if you have scheduled tasks on your web application.

Remote Database Access

This feature allows you to access database of one server from another server. With this feature, you will also be able to deploy WordPress with remote database.

MySQL Query Monitor

We fetch information like number of Questions, Read, Write, Update an Delete queries from your server. Then we represent it visually for you on the server panel.

Advanced Log Viewer

In Advanced log viewer, you get additional features to filter and highlight lines contain specific phrase to make it easier for you to read log files.

Multiple PHP Versions​

If you want to manage multiple PHP/WordPress applications built in different versions of PHP, you can set PHP versions individually for each application.

Advanced Firewall Management

This feature allows you to manage custom Firewall rules on your server. It allows you to enable/disable traffic from specific IP addresses on specific ports.

Custom PHP Settings

In this plan, you can update important PHP settings like PHP version, disabled functions, PHP.ini directives and much more directly from the server panel.


In this plan, you will get medium priority support. We do not guarantee instant support but support tickets are mostly solved within few hours.




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