Detailed Plan Description

You can have multiple servers with different plans in a single account.
The Price given below is for each server you manage in your account.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can manage multiple servers in a single account with different plans. But, you can only have 1 Free Server in a single account.

There is no limit on how many paid servers you can manage in your account.

We do not provide refunds. To try out the service, you can add minimum required amount according to your plan in your account.

If you like ServerAvatar, you can continue using it for more servers.

If you want to manage 1 server in your account for a year, here is the amount of credits you have to add in your account.

1 Server in Newbie for a year = $2.36*12 = $28.32

1 Server in Pro for a year = $4.72*12 = $56.64

If you want to manage two servers, Multiply the amount by 2. For X number of servers, Multiply by X.

We do not guarantee the same price for new servers you add to your account. But we guarantee the same price for the servers you are already managing in your account.

For example, If you add two servers now in your account at $4.72/month, we will not update the pricing for those two servers if we decide to update prices.

But the new servers you add to your account will have new pricing.

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