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1. Get Referral Link

You can find your referral link from Account -> Manage -> Referral Program page.

2. Drive Traffic on your Link

You can promote your referral link on your blog, social media and anywhere on the internet.

3. Earn $10 per successful signup

The $10 will be credited to your ServerAvatar Wallet that allows you to use ServerAvatar Premium Plans for Free!


Most frequent questions and answers

You can bring any number of customers. After one point, we will make you an affiliate so that you can make actual money promoting ServerAvatar.

You can promote it on a social media, blog posts, tutorials, videos and much more.

The sign-up is approved and your wallet is credited once the person you referred has paid $10 in total to ServerAvatar.

We run referral updates twice in a month. In this update, we validate the referral sign ups and credit referrer’s account on 1st and 15th.

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You can register for Free. Then, you can find your link in your account and you can start promoting ServerAvatar to your friends and colleagues. You just need 1 referral a month to effectively manage 4 servers a month on Newbie plan or 2 servers a month on Pro Plan.