Self-managed Cloud Hosting Platform.​

Deploy and Host PHP based sites on your servers with an efficient server management panel.

Deploy in minutes!

chmod +x install

The installation will complete in less than 10 minutes. After that, you can manage your sites on your server with the control panel.

Deploy Sites on Cloud, Efficiently.

Create a Server

Create a VPS/Dedicated or Bare Metal Server with any Cloud Platform in the market.

Connect with ServerAvatar

Connect and Automatically configure your new server directly from the ServerAvatar dashboard.

Deploy Sites

Deploy Secure PHP sites on your servers in seconds. And manage all the configurations per site!

Automatic Setup

Spin up a clean Ubuntu server and set up any one of the following configurations on the server in minutes!

Apache_HTTP_server_logo_(2019-present).svg (1)

Optimised LAMP

Apache is the most reliable and stable. Set up Apache + PHP-FPM stack on your server with ease!
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Nginx_logo.svg (1)

Optimised LEMP

Set up an optimised Nginx + PHP-FPM stack on your server quickly and efficiently, without human error!

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openlitespeed_logo_grey_bold (1)


Set up Lightening fast sites on OpenLiteSpeed stack in matter of minutes with ServerAvatar.

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Redis_Logo.svg (1)

Redis Ready

In the initial configuration, Redis is installed and configured on the server. You can disable it later if you don’t use Redis.

php (1)

Multiple PHP Versions

All the PHP versions from 7.0 to 8.0 are installed, configured and ready to host a site in minutes!


Isolated Site Environments

Feel free to host multiple sites on a single server. Each site can have different PHP version, settings and the owner.

Automatic Installation

Deploy a project from a private git repository, Or install any of the following applications using the auto-installers in minutes.









You are not limited to these apps only. Feel Free to host any PHP based code using ServerAvatar on cloud.

Manage and Monitor Hassle-free!

With a panel as powerful as ServerAvatar, You can manage and monitor sites more efficiently. Everything is automated!

Powerful File Manager

ServerAvatar comes with a file manager on web to create, upload, edit or delete the files on your server, for your site.

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Cloning and Migration

Automatically migrate or clone your sites on your servers without writing a single command, in minutes.

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SSL Management

Protect your sites with automatic SSL certificates with a single click. Or, Install custom SSL certificates just as easily.

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Access Management

Enable/Disable SSH and SFTP access for each system user individually. Also manage SSH keys for all the users.

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Monitoring and Alerts

Once you connect a server, we starts monitoring your server for 10 different metrics and alert you when something is wrong.

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Staging Area

Try new things but don’t do it in production. Update in a staging area and sync with main site with a single click when ready to launch.

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Cloud Integrations

Cloud Integrations

Connect with one or more cloud platforms to bypass the server creation and connection process.

  • AWS LightSail
  • Vultr
  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • Hetzner
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Storage Integrations

Storage Integrations

Store your Application and Database Backups on best storage service providers.

  • AWS S3
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Wasabi
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Self-Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

Get Managed Experience on Unmanaged servers!

Get managed or better experience with Integrations. You can integrate to utilize the resources of your favourite service providers.

You can basically create your own managed experience on ServerAvatar with available integrations.

Built for Webmasters!

It does not matter if you are an digital entrepreneur or a freelancer, Feel free to try out ServerAvatar. It might solve your Cloud management problem at very affordable rates!

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Full Control over Your Server(s)!

Unlike Managed Hosting where server is provided by a hosting company, Here you can have full control over your server.


Don't just take our Word for it.

Since the beginning of ServerAvatar, We have been laser focused on creating an amazingly easy to use cloud management panel.
Here are the testimonials we got from active users.

The best and most cost-effective way for our company to manage cloud computing infrastructure is through ServerAvatar. We have been a very happy customer since years.

Taj Soheil Siddique
Co-Founder – RecordMetrics LLP

Being the very first user of ServerAvatar and hosting over 10 sites on it. I can say that it is the best control panel to set up and manage the unmanaged servers.

Vinay Katiyar
CEO – Leadder

Extermely responsive support, Team always finds a way to help and fix issues as fast as they can. 100% Recommended.

Jaswanth Chadalavada
Community Manager – OxyPowerPack

Try it out, Risk Free!

1. Create a clean/fresh Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 or 22.04 server.
2. Enable incoming requests on port 43210 (if applicable).
3. Execute the following commands as a “root” user.

chmod +x install

If you don’t like it, You can just re-install OS on the server. No CC info required.