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Deploy Fast and secure WordPress/PHP sites on VPS or Dedicated servers without any technical knowledge of Linux, directly from the ServerAvatar dashboard!

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Supports ALL Cloud Servers

ServerAvatar supports servers from any cloud service provider including small VPS providers.
The only requirement is, Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 operating system on a clean server.
Digitalocean - ServerAvatar Integration
Google Cloud
Hetzner Cloud
Microsoft Azure
And all the other cloud VPS, VM or Dedicated server providers in the market.

One-click connect with your favourite services

Integrations allow you to connect 3rd party services with ServerAvatar account and let it takeover some of the tasks to make your life easier.

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Provider integrations allow you to connect your ServerAvatar account with the following services. Once connected, You can have a complete managed hosting experience on ServerAvatar as you can create/delete servers directly from the ServerAvatar panel.
Digitalocean - ServerAvatar Integration
Amazon Lightsail

Storage Service Providers

Storage Service Provider integrations allow you to connect your account with various storage providers to store application backups. Once connected, Select a desired cloud service provider to store your backups on your storage provider account.
Amazon S3 Integration

Meaningful Features

ServerAvatar saves your time. It helps you perform many essentials actions on the server in minutes, directly from ServerAvatar dashboard.

One-Click Server Configuration

You can have your server ready to host your custom PHP/WordPress sites on optimised Apache or Nginx stack. ServerAvatar performs all the actions required to take your WordPress/PHP site live within seconds, on-demand.

It also configures all the additional PHP modules as well as important software like Redis, Git, Composer and much more on your server to get you started as fast as possible.

One-Click WordPress Installation

WordPress installation and management becomes very easy with ServerAvatar. It will only take you a few minutes to install one more WordPress site on your server with following additional options!
  • Automatic SSL Certificates
  • Remote Database Server
  • Desired PHP version
  • Custom Webroot

Meaningful Monitoring and Alerts

We start monitoring your server as soon as you connect it with ServerAvatar. We also start monitoring applications as soon as the application is created on the server. You can also set custom alerts for your server resource and CPU usage.
  • Server Load Monitor (Every minute!)
  • Server Resource usage Monitor (Every 5 minutes)
  • MySQL query Monitor (Every 5 minutes)
  • Application Uptime Monitor (Every 5 minutes)
  • Custom Server Alerts

API Ready for Developers

We have an Awesome API that you can leverage to automate the ServerAvatar tasks. You can create a simple automation setup, or you can integrate ServerAvatar with your application itself!

There is no additional cost to use the API. API is available as soon as you create your account. Click Here to access the API documentation.

One-Click/Automatic Backups and Restore

You can quickly create an instant backup for your site as well as the database. You can also create a backup plan in seconds, with custom schedule according to your requirements.
Restoration is One-click too! Just click on the restore and  confirm the action, that's all! You can also connect the storage service providers mentioned above to store your backups!
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Why You should go with ServerAvatar?

Quick Support

ServerAvatar is unbeatable when it comes to the customer support. Our customer support does not have agents, we have actual system administrators helping you in real-time to solve your server issue!

Quick Actions

The ServerAvatar Development team as well as the technology allows us to quickly add new features to our software. We continuously add new features to ServerAvatar and also keep maintaining the current ones.


ServerAvatar is providing Server Management services since July 2016. At that time, No other server management panels existed! And we have managed tens of thousands of servers in last ~6 years!
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Kind words from our customers

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  • "ServerAvatar is one of the best (if not the best) Server Management Panels I have used and I am actively using it for more and more products. It's easy to setup and comes with features that are actually usable and useful."
    Nitesh Manav
    Director at Digitally Upstream
  • "The best and most cost-effective way for our company to manage our cloud computing infrastructure is through ServerAvatar. For almost a year now, We have been a happy customer."
    Taj Soheil Siddique
    Co-founder - RecordMetrics LLP
  • "I use ServerAvatar since 2019, I love the simplicity, Easy to set up and support really helpfully. Support is always there to help you!"
    Dony Maulana

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