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You can setup a web server, Deploy an application, Install WordPress or host your files and configure SSL Certificate(Easy as Click!) in less than 10 minutes, without Executing a single command!

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Features at Glance

These are some of our features you might be interested in. If you want to know all of them, Click here!

Quick Configuration

The average time taken by ServerAvatar to inspect and configure a server is 3 minutes. You can also setup multiple servers at once! It configures Apache with FastCGI, MySQL and PHP with FPM including all other required packages.

One-click SSL

You don't have to waste your time in verifying domain name to get Free SSL Certificate. Just select the domain name and hit Enter, We will handle the test. Ofcourse, You can also configure custom SSL Certificates!

Uptime Monitoring

ServerAvatar has in-built uptime monitor for your web applications. We will keep checking if your website is well; every 15 minutes. You'll get beautiful graph to see your app's performance! We'll shoot you an E-mail if something goes wrong!

Server Health Monitoring

Health of your Server is important. If your server's health does not look good to ServerAvatar at any point of time, You'll get an E-mail and also recommendation for what to do in less than 15 minutes.
Graphs? It's Obvious!

Easy Cron Jobs

ServerAvatar provides one of the easiest cron job manager through which, you can setup cron jobs in seconds! Don't worry if you don't know much about scheduling, It's because you'll also get pre-defined schedules to select from!

App Isolation

Every single application you deploy, It does not matter if it is simple wordpress blog or custom Laravel application made by you, can have it's own credentials so that only a user having permission can access application files!

Server/Application logs

It's easy for anyone to develop a solution that can display server logs. You'll get seperate access and error logs for each application (Easy, right?). You'll also be able to filter out the specific lines you want from that log files too!

Easy Firewall

Firewall is important. You don't want all of your ports open to play. With ServerAvatar, You can create a firewall instance with rules you want (Also, we have predefined firewall instances for quick setup) and apply it to your server in seconds!

Custom Settings

Custom settings include many stuff that our competitors list as special features. Yes, we are talking about PHP Settings(modify php.ini values), Services manager(start,stop,restart services on the go!) and similar. We have much of it!

And there are many more features like One click maintenance mode, Services management, Remote Database connectivity and much more ...


Really affordable Pricing!

ServerAvatar is built for developers who have to frequently re-install operating systems which requires re-configuration as well as bloggers who wants to forget Server management stuff once their blog is up and running.

You can connect a server today and remove it tomorrow, You'll be charged for one day only!

Daily Pricing

$0.113 Per day per server

Includes all the features listed on the website. Good for test servers and event blogging!

Monthly Pricing

$3.39 per month per server

Best for production servers, blogs getting constant traffic and other long term stuff!

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