Simplest and the Best Server Management System.

SA has Deployed 3852+ sites on 1770+ servers by 2146+ users till now, Hell Yeah!

Let me show you how it works...

Why it's Simple and the Best?

Fast As .... ?

It will take about 30-35 Minutes for your Expert System Administrator to Setup the server with Apache FastCGI,PHP-FPM, MySQL and PhpMyAdmin. But, ServerAvatar only take 3 minutes to Install and Configure Apache with FastCGI, PHP with FPM and all other required Packages, MySQL. That's cool! Isn't it?

Secure? Yes!

ServerAvatar will never store your Server's Root Information in the Database. Also, Our servers are Completely Protected with Firewall and your Information is Encrypted. One more thing, Only ServerAvatar can access your Server. Not even our Employees.

Curious for the features part? Here we go...

Domains/Subdomains Management

Want to deploy new Website on droplet? It only takes 2 clicks and 10 seconds of patience.

Database Management

You don't have to execute queries to manage MySQL databases and Users. ServerAvatar will do that for you.

One click SSL Certificates / Management

You can install, update and uninstall SSL certificates, It's normal. But, we provide One-click SSL Installation for free!

FTP Management

Create Unlimited FTP accounts for the websites hosted on your server in seconds! You can also manage them, no doubt!

Live Server Statistics

You will get live RAM usage and server load average information every time the Server panel is loaded.

Uptime Monitoring

If something goes wrong on any of your websites, You will get email within 10 minutes. You can check graph for response time from Server panel.

Built-in Auto-installer

Select the Website, fill out the simple form and your WordPress website will be ready in seconds!

One-click Firewall Configuration

Click to turn on the firewall, Click to turn off the firewall. It's that simple and takes only 4 seconds!

Live Server/Website logs

Select the log you want to see and let ServerAvatar fetch it for you from your server in seconds!

24*7 Live and Email Support

You don't need to pay anything to System Administrator because we are always here for you. With ServerAvatar, you will always get live and email support from us.

This is what our users think ...

Manthan Dudeja

ServerAvatar is Simple and fast. Installed sites with one click without any coding. Support is also great and SSL Feature adss to the ease.

Vinayak Kejriwal

ServerAvatar is Awesome! Fast,Secure and amazing service. Just Connect your server and SA will get everything done. Thank you soo much for ServerAvatar.

Vinay Katiyar

I've been using it since the beta version and it's amazing and has improved a lot over the time. I recommend it to all the VPS and Dedicated Server users to try Server Avatar for once.

So, What's the Pricing?

Actually, We don't play with Plans. So, Here is all you need to know about Pricing.

  • $3.39 / Month

    Per Server

And, One more thing. You are just 3 clicks and few keypresses away from this Awesomeness...

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