An Elegant, Yet Powerful Server Management System for YOU!

In simple words, ServerAvatar allows you to quickly set up WordPress or Custom PHP websites on VPS/VM in matter of minutes!

You can host multiple websites on a single VPS/VM, configure SSL certificates, and monitor the health of your server without ever touching the command line interface.


And manage 1 server for FREE!


By Signing up, You agree to our Terms of Service.

We Support Your Favourite Provider!

Here are some of the most popular cloud service providers we support.

Amazon Web Services - AWS
Google Cloud Platform

But, We support all the cloud service providers available in the market.

The only requirement is, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 OS.

The Essentials!

Available in ALL ServerAvatar accounts, Even the FREE ones!

WordPress Auto-Installer

Automatically install WordPress on your domain name(s) within seconds!

Easy Team Management

Enables you to work efficiently on multiple projects with different people.

Auto SSL Certificates

Allows you to install SSL Certificates on your applications with a single click!


Even if you are managing your server in a Free or Newbie plan, we will provide you Medium Priority Support!

API Access

As you can have multiple servers with different plans in a single account, API access is available for everyone!

A Complete Stack in 5 minutes!

The collection of following software makes a stack, Perfect for PHP based sites.

We support your favourite web server.

While connecting your server, you are allowed to choose the web server you want to use for that server.

Apache web server
Nginx Web server

And all the Latest PHP versions.

Yes, You can run multiple applications on a single VPS/VM with different PHP versions.

PHP Support

7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4

Along with the stuff you need to manage databases.

With the combination of the ServerAvatar interface and PHPMyAdmin, you can manage databases and remote access with ease!

MySQL support

Finally, The Redis!

Redis is a key-value database that you can use for things like Caching and Queuing and much more. You can find Redis info on the Server Panel.


We also automatically set up other important things like SWAP memory, Postfix, Git and Composer!


The Numbers!

Numbers never lie, And here is our experience in numbers (noncumulative).

0 +
Active Users
0 +
Active Servers
0 +
Active Applications

Plans & Pricing

You can manage multiple servers with different plans in a single account.


$ 0.00 Per Month
Per Server
  • 1 Server Per Account
  • 1 Application Management
  • WordPress AutoInstaller
  • Automatic SSL Certificates
  • Live Server Resource Info
  • Custom SSL Installer
  • MySQL Database Management
  • Custom PHP-CLI Version


$ 2.36 Per Month
Per Server
  • Everything from Free +
  • Multiple Sites on a single Server
  • Quick Firewall (On/Off)
  • Multiple Application Domains
  • PHPMyAdmin Access
  • Server Health Monitor
  • Basic Log Viewer
  • SSH Access Management


$ 4.72 Per Month
Per Server
  • Everything From Newbie +
  • Cronjob Management
  • Remote Database Access
  • MySQL Query Monitor
  • Advanced Log Viewer
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • Advanced Firewall Management
  • Custom PHP Settings
Most Value


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