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Streamlined Management and Deployment

Deploy and manage PHP/JS apps on your VPS/VM/Cloud Instance effortlessly with ServerAvatar's streamlined platform.


Choose your cloud platform and create a server in just a few clicks.


Connect your server to ServerAvatar and let us handle the configuration.


Deploy your PHP or Node.js applications to your server with ease.


Keep your servers running smoothly with our powerful management and monitoring tools.

Works with Any Cloud or Server Provider

ServerAvatar's self-managed panel isn't limited to specific cloud platforms or traditional server providers, making it easy to connect and manage your servers regardless of where they're hosted.

Direct Installation

Get started managing any server in minutes with simple installation commands.

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Cloud Integrations

Integrate with popular cloud platforms to bypass manual server creation and connection.

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Deploy your projects in seconds!

With ServerAvatar, you can deploy any PHP or JS-based project on your servers from multiple sources in just seconds, with no limitations on the number of applications or servers.

Automatic Deployments

Use ServerAvatar's auto-installer to deploy apps your favourite cloud platform, and get up and running in no time.

Staging Area

Never experiment in production. Create a staging area in one click to test changes and demos before deploying live.

Absolute Control Over Your Servers

With ServerAvatar, you have complete control over your servers and infrastructure, including managing access to your servers for system users and others.

Full Server Control

With root access to your servers, you have complete control over your infrastructure, allowing for maximum customization and configuration to meet your needs.

Access Management

Securely manage access to your servers through the ServerAvatar panel or SSH/SFTP, ensuring that your infrastructure is protected and accessible only to authorized users.

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Save Money on Server Management

ServerAvatar offers an affordable cloud/server management panel with fixed pricing for any server size, so you won't have to pay more when the size of your server increases.

Pay As You Grow

Only pay for the servers you manage in ServerAvatar, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of any size.

Hourly Pricing

Pay for the number of hours you manage your server, allowing you to save money on server management costs.

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Seamless Integration with 15+ Apps and Platforms.

Connect your ServerAvatar panel with more than 15 popular applications and platforms for a hassle-free cloud hosting experience.

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Powerful Tools for Server and App Management

With ServerAvatar, you get all the essential features for managing your servers and applications, in a simple and streamlined interface.

Robust Server Management

Manage every aspect of your server directly from the web app.

Important Features

  • Security Settings
  • Server Monitoring
  • Automated Updates
  • Migration and Cloning
  • Automated Disk Cleaner
  • Advanced Log Viewer
  • Multiple PHP Versions

Automated Configuration

Automatically configure your server with optimised LAMP, LEMP or OLS stack.

Application Management

Manage each application individually on the server with dedicated PHP settings.

Server Sharing

Quickly productize prospective value before collaborative benefits.

Automated Deployments

Deploy an application automatically using auto-installer and git integrations.

All ServerAvatar Features are included in this Trial.

Try ServerAvatar For Free!

Create a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04 Server and Execute the following installation commands as a root user.

$ wget https://srvr.so/install
$ chmod +x install
$ ./install

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