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Introducing ServerAvatar API

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 10/03/2020 · No Comments
We built the 5th version of ServerAvatar keeping the public API in mind. We launched it 9 months ago. It was not possible to make the API public in that version because we had a lot on a plate and making an API public is not something you can take lightly. So, we launched the […]
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A Highly Effective WordPress Caching Setup in 5 minutes!

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 29/01/2020 · No Comments
Note: This tutorial is for new webmasters who are just getting started. This article will cover everything from the definition of caching to load testing results. You can skip the first section if you already know the meaning of caching. You know, the internet is growing fast! Google knows about 130 trillion pages on the […]
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A Small Update in ServerAvatar Six Launch

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 27/01/2020 · 2 Comments
I know, 26th January was a launch date fixed for ServerAvatar Six. But you are still using the current version. And there are some updates that I want to share with you regarding the development and launch process of ServerAvatar Six. First of all, let me tell you How we decide the launch dates and […]
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A Few Very Important Announcements!

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 15/01/2020 · 2 Comments
I(Adarsh Sojitra) am creating a post on this blog after a very long time. The last time I posted on the blog, I didn't have a team to help me build this thing. Since last one and a half year I think, I worked a lot on learning SaaS business and building a team. The […]
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How to redirect users from one domain to another

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 07/07/2019 · No Comments
As a blogger who manages many blogs at a time, You have to deal with many challenges that you might not have experience with. And many of these tasks are done at the server level which means you need some kind of help to complete the task. One of such tasks is redirecting one domain […]
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A Complete Guide to W3 Total Cache (Be faster than your competitor)

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 24/09/2018 · No Comments
If you want to speed up your WordPress website, the first thing you should consider doing is enabling the cache. And there is no denying the fact that the W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress. This free plugin has over 1 million downloads. Anyways, in order to improve […]
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Best WordPress Security Plugins you must have (2018 list)

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 14/09/2018 · No Comments
There are a lot of people who are still trying to find the answer of this Question, “My Website is not that much huge, neither we are a big MNC or something, Why should I secure my website?” Well, the answer is that the hackers do not only target huge websites. They may target a […]
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Ubuntu 18.04 is now Supported by ServerAvatar

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 03/08/2018 · No Comments
Ubuntu 18.04 was released on 26th April 2018 with Long term support. Yes, LTS stands for Long-term support. Till now, ServerAvatar only supported Ubuntu 16.04 but from now, You can connect a server running Ubuntu 18.04 with ServerAvatar. The method to connect your server remains same. You still just have to enter IP address and […]
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Top 5 Caching Plugins Compared under the Load of 300 Concurrent Visitors

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 04/07/2018 · No Comments
If you are new to blogging or internet marketing, you might not know the value of cache. Not only if you are new, but thousands of experienced bloggers/internet marketers don't leverage the power of caching and end up paying hundreds of dollars to VPS company to maintain a website that can be supported on a […]
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Restructuring Plans and Pricing (Free Trial Available now!)

By Adarsh Sojitra · Published: 28/06/2018 · No Comments
On 2nd July 2016, when we started ServerAvatar, it was a free product. On 2nd July 2017, we turned it into a paid product. At that time, pricing was $3.39 ($4 including tax) per month per server which went pretty good. People loved the 2nd version of ServerAvatar which was paid and had some cool features […]
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