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What is an Integration?

Integrations allow you to connect two applications and automate tasks that would otherwise consume your valuable time. For instance, you can connect a task scheduling app with a calendar app. If you are a developer or managing developers, integrating Management Service with Cloud Platforms can accelerate the process by 2 times. Similarly, you can integrate Cloud Storage Providers to store backups of your sites.

With ServerAvatar, you can access three types of Integrations:

  • Git
  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Storage

Let's see how these integrations help you save lots of time with ServerAvatar.


Git integrations enable you to deploy applications using a bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab repository.

At present, you can integrate your ServerAvatar account with the following three Git Providers:

  • Bitbucket
  • Github
  • Gitlab

Once the integration is done with any of the above Git providers, you can create applications using those accounts.

Cloud Platform Integrations

Cloud Service Provider integrations allow you to make the server creation and connectivity process quick! Basically, you don't have to juggle tabs from the cloud platform to ServerAvatar dashboard and back.

Until now, you had to create a server in DigitalOcean, Vultr, or any other cloud platform. Then, you had to fill up the form to start the configuration process in ServerAvatar.

However, if you have an active integration with any of the cloud platforms, you can bypass the whole process of manually creating a server and then manually connecting it with ServerAvatar.

Instead, you can directly create a server in your cloud platform account from ServerAvatar. ServerAvatar will display the supported options to select. After that, it will also automatically start the configuration as soon as the server is ready.

At present, you can integrate your ServerAvatar account with the following five Cloud Platforms:

  • Digitalocean
  • Vultr
  • AWS Lightsail
  • Linode
  • Hetzner

Once integration is done with any of the above cloud platforms, you can bypass the server creation and configuration process.

Cloud Storage Integrations

Cloud storage integrations are useful because they allow you to store off-site Site, Database, or Filesystem backups generated in ServerAvatar. ServerAvatar provides you multiple storage options to select from.

If you do not use any of the supported cloud storage integrations, we do provide backup storage at affordable rates. However, if you are using any one of the following services, you can integrate them with ServerAvatar to store backups:

  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • Wasabi
  • Custom S3

We recommend/encourage you to use any of these services to store your backups. Most of these services are free for limited storage and affordable at higher storage requirements. For example, Wasabi charges $6/TB/Month, which is very affordable for the majority of requirements.

In the next part of the documentation, you will learn how to integrate any of these services with your ServerAvatar account.