A Highly Effective WordPress Caching Setup in 5 minutes!

Create database with remote connectivity

Note: This tutorial is for new webmasters who are just getting started. This article will cover everything from the definition of caching to load testing results. You can skip the first section if you already know the meaning of caching. You know, the internet is growing fast! Google knows about 130 trillion pages on the […]

A Small Update in ServerAvatar Six Launch

I know, 26th January was a launch date fixed for ServerAvatar Six. But you are still using the current version. And there are some updates that I want to share with you regarding the development and launch process of ServerAvatar Six. First of all, let me tell you How we decide the launch dates and […]

A Few Very Important Announcements!

A Few Very Important Announcements!

I(Adarsh Sojitra) am creating a post on this blog after a very long time. The last time I posted on the blog, I didn’t have a team to help me build this thing. Since last one and a half year I think, I worked a lot on learning SaaS business and building a team. The […]

Santa brought Exclusive ServerAvatar + UpCloud deal for you this Christmas!

Christmas is close. And, recently we partnered up with an awesome Cloud Service Provider called UpCloud. If you are an UpCloud user, follow this tutorial to learn how you can manage UpCloud servers with ServerAvatar. As we promised earlier in a post announcing our collaboration, both the companies want to help people who are just […]

A collaboration with UpCloud: One of the best Cloud Service providers in the market

A collaboration with UpCloud: One of the best Cloud Service providers in the market

Use the coupon code ServerAvatar to register with UpCloud.com and get FREE $50 credits. UpCloud, If you know, is one of the best cloud service providers in the market. Just like Google Cloud, Amazon web services, Vultr and Digitalocean, they provide on-demand virtual private servers to host websites, APIs and applications. ServerAvatar is a server […]

How to redirect users from one domain to another

As a blogger who manages many blogs at a time, You have to deal with many challenges that you might not have experience with. And many of these tasks are done at the server level which means you need some kind of help to complete the task. One of such tasks is redirecting one domain […]

How to connect a Google Cloud instance with ServerAvatar

Google cloud is one of the biggest cloud service providers in the market. It is used by small bloggers as well as huge companies that manage data of millions of users. Google cloud is easy to get started if you already know much about servers and infrastructure management. But, If you are using Google Cloud […]

Now update dedicated PHP settings & version for each application in seconds!

Till now, all the applications on your server had just one shared PHP configuration. It means, If you are setting max_input_vars or any other PHP directive within php.ini configuration file, it would apply to all the applications hosted on your server. Same goes for the PHP version selection. You had to select the version at server […]

How to configure a web server with Nginx using ServerAvatar

Say welcome to Nginx! After a very very long time, Finally, We have Nginx web server available to configure with a single click! We are publishing this tutorial today, but Nginx is available with ServerAvatar since past week. We were working on eliminating each and every possible error/confusion/exceptions before publishing this tutorial. It’s because Nginx […]

How to connect Vultr cloud compute instance with ServerAvatar

Vultr is one of the best VPS/VM providers in the world when it comes to performance. The performance and support provided by Vultr is better than any VPS companies available in the market right now. We use Vultr for our test instances and load testing and also for all other heavy tasks that require too […]