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Effortlessly host PHP and Node.js applications on our PHP & Node.js Cloud Server Management Panel. Manage security, updates, and configurations with ease using our intuitive control panel No Technical Expertise Required

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Features that boost your productivity

Automatic Server Setup

You do not have to manually install and configure services on your server. You can just select a desired tech stack and ServerAvatar will handle the rest.

Automatic Deployments

You do not have to manually upload files on your server to install anything. Use our auto-installers or Git integrations to automate the deployments.

Automatic Backups

With ServerAvatar's Backup feature, you can easily create, schedule, and manage backups for your filesystem, applications, and databases.

Save More with Smart Approach

Manage your servers yourself with the help of our automated control panel. Get the experience of managed hosting on your own servers without any limits on sites and traffic.

  • Retain root access to your servers.
  • Flat fees, Independent of the size of the servers.
  • Integrate with cloud platforms and never touch the CLI.
Smart approach
Manage Dashboard

Manage everything from one dashboard

Tired of logging in to different dashboards/panels to manage different servers? Not anymore.

Manage all your sites, servers, backups, and configuration from a single dashboard. You can also automatically migrate sites between servers without much technical knowledge.

Work with your Team!

ServerAvatar makes it easy for you to share access with your team members whether temporary or permanent. It is possible.

  • Create and Manage Roles with Permissions
  • Manage Multiple Teams and Members
  • Share a server temporarily with freelancer
Team Work
Server Application

Integrate your apps & do more

Integrate with various services you use on regular basis to host your sites, manage backups and manage code. It will save you lots of time in repetitive tasks.

  • Automated Provisioning with Cloud Platform Integrations
  • S3 Buckets, Wasabi and Google Drive for Backup storage
  • Build &Deploy from Github, Gitlab and BitBucket.
Automatic Security Updates
SSH Keys Authentication
Firewall Rules Management
IP Whitelisting
Two Factor Authentication
Isolated Environments
Fail2Ban Management
Server Access Control

Manage your Sites Like Never Before!

Our platform simplifies app deployment. Upload your code, configure with a few clicks, and get your app live in no time.

Automatic Installation

Configure a desired tech stack on your VM without touching the command line.

Powerful File Manager

Manage, edit, extract, compress and perform other actions on your files.

Temporary Domains

You do not need a domain to create a new project, we provide temporary domains.

Git Deployments

Deploy from Git with an additional benefit of "Push to Deploy" functionality.

Automatic SSL Certificates

One-Click SSL certificates for your sites with fully automated renewals.

Dedicated PHP Settings

Even in the same server, each app can have different PHP settings and version.

One Click Installer

The quickest and most convenient way to deploy popular web applications.

One-Click Site Cloning

Clone your sites on same as well as different servers with a single click.

One-Click Staging Area

Create a staging area with one click, make changes, and push to production.

Start managing your servers in 3 easy steps

All this does not require you to have extensive knowledge of Linux or server management. You can get started with three easy steps.

Create an account

Create a trial account for 7-days for a desired plan from the below given section.

Connect your Server

Manually connect your server or integrate with cloud platform. Both are easy.

Deploy your sites

Deploy and Monitor WordPress/PHP/Node.js Applications on your servers automatically.

Choose the plan that suits you best

We have simple pricing based on the requirements of freelancers and businesses. Get 2 months free on yearly plans.

Per Year
Per Month


Perfect for individual freelancers who are just getting started with self managed hosting.

  • 3 Servers
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Team Management


Perfect for businesses who wants to host many applications on many servers with team.

  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Team Management


Perfect for individual freelancers who are just getting started with self managed hosting.

  • 3 Servers
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Team Management


Perfect for businesses who wants to host many applications on many servers with team.

  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Team Management

What people say about us

I've been following the growth of ServerAvatar for many years and this year I chose to use them exclusively to manage all the cloud servers for my clients. The integration and one-click app installs are the best!

Jyll Stuart
Founder, Veracity Technologies

A really easy and powerful way to manage PHP-based servers. I've been using ServerAvatar since 2 years, managing 10 servers and many sites on them. ServerAvatar really helps for deploying, monitoring and backups of my apps.

Alban Taraire
Director General, NETK5 IT Services

The services provided by the Serveravatar team are very awesome, and the other thing that makes everything work as desired is the user experience. Man, everything is smooth, easy to access, and laid out. There is no complexity while doing your work.

Ali Mosbah
Developer, JetBrains

I would just like to say how good the support has been. my website went down last week and I had a responsive team member getting me back online. also we now have free back up options to use Google drive to store the files.

Adam Hawthorne
Freelancer & Blogger

Very easy to manage VPS and to set up/manage applications. Once click install for several applications is fantastic

Matthias Alfred
Owner, Team Skyline

Incredible support. I was assisted from the port closed by my server to Cloudlfare and others. The point is that the support is amazing! especially Nishant the savior to help me. On the other hand, to install a VPS server is very easy ... Especially for my people who don't have IT background, just put the IP and password and then Violaa !!

Tangguh Rifqi Rokhman
CMO, Herbindo Persada

Most frequently asked questions

ServerAvatar is a very unique tool for developers and webmasters in web hosting market. Here are some of the questions we receive on regular basis. Feel free to use the contact form if your question is not covered here.

Q. Is it alternative to managed hosting or cloudways?

Yes, ServerAvatar is an alternative to managed hosting. The difference is, You have full access to your server in case of ServerAvatar. You can also host sites on custom Ubuntu servers.

Q. Can I host multiple sites on a single Server?

Yes, You can host multiple sites on a single server. You just have to make sure your server load chart is under control.

Q. Are there any additional charges on top of subscription?

Yes. For backups, If you select ServerAvatar as a storage provider, We charge you $0.07/GB/Month. And, You can also get the optional add-ons like Insighthub and White-label.

Q. Do you provide support in case my site is down?

Yes, we do provide support in case your server or site is not performing well. You can also get the priority support plans to get support fast.

Q. What do I have to learn before getting started?

ServerAvatar was initially built for non-technical people. So, the learning curve is not steep. However, You should know how to manage firewall rules in your favourite cloud platform to connect a server.