I know, 26th January was a launch date fixed for ServerAvatar Six. But you are still using the current version. And there are some updates that I want to share with you regarding the development and launch process of ServerAvatar Six.

First of all, let me tell you How we decide the launch dates and develop the application. We decide the features and changes we want to make for the new version. Based on the number of features and complexity of updates, I decide the launch date.

The launch dates I decide are always so ambitious and that puts the whole team under pressure to develop fast. It is good as it allows everyone to try new things and find methods to work faster on the system.

However, The structure of our startup is not so corporate. I have given one field to each team member to work on. For example, One person works on API, The other works on Frontend, and everyone in the team has each field to work on.

And I expect responsibility from each and every team member. The issue is, One team member didn’t show enough dedication and responsibility for the work that was given. I came to know about this before 10 days of launch.

ServerAvatar worked well with the module that was developed, but I was not satisfied with the stability, usage, and quality of that module. So, I fired that team member and assigned that module to another team member.

We developed the same module in-house from scratch keeping stability, quality and security in mind. It is developed for the last few days already. The ServerAvatar Six version is ready to launch for the last 24 hours.

But as we had to develop one important part of the application in a hurry, I don’t want to take it to production before properly testing it. We didn’t get time to test the final product properly. That is why you didn’t see the newer version today.

After all this, I have to change the launch date so that we can get enough time to test the application so that our customers don’t face issues while working on the actual servers – It is very important for me.

However, I will make up to you for this delay. Here are some things that we are adding to ServerAvatar Six.

Custom SSH Port

SSH is a very sensitive port. Because it is the entry point of the server. A very important service that requires much protection. Many of our customers asked for custom SSH port, and we are ready to launch it finally in this version.

In ServerAvatar six, you will be able to update the SSH port on your server. You can keep it to whatever value you want. And it is very easy to update. It only takes a few clicks.

PHP 7.4

Yes!! In ServerAvatar Six, you will be able to migrate your applications to PHP7.4. You can also run other applications on the same server on other PHP versions.

PHP7.4 is launched since November 2019 and it is faster than the older versions. It has many new features that developers can use to develop applications fast in PHP.

The current servers will also get the PHP7.4 in their settings! It will not require any downtime and we are going to handle all the updates automatically.

One more thing! The last time I posted, I uploaded screenshots of the new panel. However, that design was not final, The layout was perfect but color scheme needed a small change. We did it, finally! The user interface and color codes and stuff like that is fixed!

Here is what you will get!

Me and the team are so excited to launch this awesome awesome thing!

Now, The Important Thing!

Updated Launch Date

As I mentioned in the first section of this article, There is a module that wasn’t built properly, We built it finally and it is ready. But we need some time to test it before we launch it in the production.

10th February 2020

It’s 15 days, we are also going to build the features I mentioned above as well as test the whole system. Thanks for your patience, we are very happy to build something awesome for you!!