The History of The Project

ServerAvatar was started as a PERSONAL USE project when I experienced Basic VPS for the first time. I was about to lose my blog due to overdue payments to my hosting company. I decided to go with the company that offered VPS for the first month at $0.01.

I didn't know that the only way to access the VPS was through command line. It took me 7 days to learn SSH connection and next 45 days to transfer my blog from old host to the new one (Finally, I lost that blog). I thought many bloggers might be facing the same issue.

I started this project by executing a single 'sudo reboot' command using core-PHP to restart a server remotely. Then the idea struck my head and I started development of Pre-Beta version of ServerAvatar in January 2016. It was launched on 2nd July 2016.

Since then, I am working on ServerAvatar to make it easier to operate VPS for bloggers as well as web developers who face similar issues hosting their projects made in Laravel which requires them to mess up with it's core to host it on Shared web hosting.


The main goal of ServerAvatar is to make simplest and the dead cheap cloud management.


Every Feature we launch is tested for more than 100 times at-least while development and testing. Every feature we launch is more stable than what other similar products provide.


We provide some USEFUL features that you won't find elsewhere. The features we make will definitely shrink the amount of time you spend on cloud management from hours to minutes and even seconds.

User Experience

The average rating given by ~50 of our users is 4.8 / 5.0 which obivously means that we are accurate at what we claim to provide as a Cloud management solution.

Team / Credits

Founder and Developer: Adarsh Sojitra (


Logo Designing: Prajjwal Mishra

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