About us

About ServerAvatar

The first version of ServerAvatar was launched on 2nd July 2016. It was free to use and it was built with one goal in mind,

Make Cloud management Easier!

After that, we launched 5 new versions of ServerAvatar, built completely from scratch with improved technologies and new features.

We aim to make the whole cloud management industry faster, cheaper and more reliable.

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Our Values

ServerAvatar is our first major project. We work on weekends to make a product we are proud of.


Not only on the user side, but our code and architecture are perfect for scalability and stability!


For you, everything is simple, even some complex things. It is because we handle majority of the hard work.

Over Deliver

We provide some features that no one in the market is providing. Now you already know How!

Key members in ServerAvatar team works ~75 hours a week, we strongly believe in innovation and we crave the thrill!

The Team

Adarsh Sojitra

Adarsh Sojitra

Linux Administration, Product Development, Programming, Problem solving, Marketing.

Backend Developer
Smit Pipaliya

Smit Pipaliya

PHP (Laravel), Go Lang, Debugging, Product Development, Problem Solving.

Frontend Developer
Suresh Ramani

Suresh Ramani

Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Go Lang, Debugging, Product Development, Problem Solving.

Linux System Administrator
Nishant Rastogi

Nishant Rastogi

Linux Administration, Support, Problem Solving.

Junior backend Developer
Kinjal Unagar

Kinjal Unagar

PHP (Laravel), SQL, Analytics, Problem Solving.

Content Writer
Abhinav Jain

Abhinav Jain

Content writing, Blog Management.


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