How to manage Databases using ServerAvatar

Alright, so there is no denying the fact that when it comes to web development, we use Databases all the time. Does not matter if you are someone who is using some custom dynamic PHP script or using any popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. The thing is that

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How to redirect users from one domain to another

As a blogger who manages many blogs at a time, You have to deal with many challenges that you might not have experience with. And many of these tasks are done at the server level which means you need some kind of help to complete the task. One of such

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How to connect a Google Cloud instance with ServerAvatar

Google cloud is one of the biggest cloud service providers in the market. It is used by small bloggers as well as huge companies that manage data of millions of users. Google cloud is easy to get started if you already know much about servers and infrastructure management. But, If

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ServerAvatar Updates
Adarsh Sojitra

Now update dedicated PHP settings & version for each application in seconds!

Till now, all the applications on your server had just one shared PHP configuration. It means, If you are setting max_input_vars or any other PHP directive within php.ini configuration file, it would apply to all the applications hosted on your server. Same goes for the PHP version selection. You had to

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About ServerAvatar

ServerAvatar allows you to securely manage your WordPress/PHP sites on your VPS/VM without any kind of technical knowledge.

In other words, ServerAvatar allows you to set up a simple and scalable web hosting solution with the power of Cloud computing!


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