How to create and Manage MySQL Database users using ServerAvatar

MySQL is one of the famous and most efficient Database management systems. WordPress and many other content management systems use MySQL to manage their databases. Even Wikipedia uses MySQL as their database management system. In this article, I will show you how you can manage MySQL database users and databases

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How to create custom PHP application on VPS using ServerAvatar

PHP is one of the most used server-side scripting languages. The website on which you are reading this article is created using WordPress. WordPress is written in PHP. Using PHP, you can make any type of website; From a simple blog to complicated and huge sites like Facebook (It was

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Restructuring Pricing
ServerAvatar Updates
Adarsh Sojitra

Restructuring Plans and Pricing (Free Trial Available now!)

On 2nd July 2016, when we started ServerAvatar, it was a free product. On 2nd July 2017, we turned it into a paid product. At that time, pricing was $3.39 ($4 including tax) per month per server which went pretty good. People loved the 2nd version of ServerAvatar which was paid

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How to install PHP imagemagick extension

PHP imagemagick extension is used to modify and create images using imagemagick API. Some WordPress plugins or some packages might require you to have PHP imagemagick installed in your configuration. By default, ServerAvatar does not install imagemagick PHP extension on your servers. To install the module, Just follow this tutorial. It’s very easy

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About ServerAvatar

ServerAvatar allows you to securely manage your WordPress/PHP sites on your VPS/VM without any kind of technical knowledge.

In other words, ServerAvatar allows you to set up a simple and scalable web hosting solution with the power of Cloud computing!


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