Our Plans and Pricing

Pay As You Grow!

Free, Forever!

This is a free plan that allows you to manage 1 server and 1 site. We open this plan once in a month as a giveaway.

Free, Forever!
Upto 1 server


This plan is suitable for small servers having low management requirements. It contains all the essential features.

$2.36 / month
Per Server


Pro is the recommended plan if you want to host important sites on your servers. It has all the features we have developed.

$4.72 / month
Per Server

0 K


0 K


0 K




Years of

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host client sites on ServerAvatar?

As a developer, Feel free to host client sites or APIs using ServerAvatar. You can also provide them SSH/SFTP access so that they can access the files and make modification if required. Same applies for the development team you might have as a web development agency.

Can I host multiple sites on a single VPS using ServerAvatar?


How is ServerAvatar different than Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting provide you the whole package but they limit you on number of pageviews and other metrics. If you are using ServerAvatar with any Cloud Platform, You do not have to worry about number of sites and number of visitors it gets.

Can I get a trial account to test your services?

If you want to try premium plans, Go to Billing section and redeem $10 credits for Free using “START10” coupon code.

How do ServerAvatar Pricing Works?

You need credits in your wallet to manage servers in your account. Go to the billing section, and add credits in $ value in your account. Whenever you connect a server, the monthly amount would be deducted from your credits based on your plan.

Just recharge your wallet before it runs out of funds. And manage as many servers as you want.

Can I have servers in different plans?

Yes, You can have different servers with different plans in a single account. For example, 2 servers in Pro and 3 servers in Newbie. That’s possible.

What if I upgrade or downgrade half way through the month?

If you decide to upgrade or downgrade the server’s plan, The credits will be adjusted to support the change. For example, If you have 20 days left for a specific server and you upgrade, The validity of subscription will reset back to 30 days and 20 days of credits will be used from the current plan.

How can I provide access to Developers?

The “Application users” in ServerAvatar are system users on server. You can create/modify/delete system users on your server. You can also enable/disable access for specific users and set the SSH key if password login is disabled.

How can I provide access to team members?

With “Teams” in ServerAvatar, You can manage different teams with different users. The users can only manage servers in that team and admin can add/delete server in the team.

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