How to Leverage browser caching in WordPress and Custom Websites
Adarsh Sojitra

How to Leverage browser caching on WordPress and custom websites

It is crucial to optimize your website for performance when it comes to user experience. There are many ways to optimize your website for performance. In this article, We will talk about browser caching which works on the client side, and it will also improve the load time of your

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How to setup WordPress with remote database server using ServerAvatar

WordPress is a big deal right now. It is because nearly 30% of the websites run on WordPress. Some of the huge sites and blogs like Techcrunch, BBC America, and Facebook Newsroom are running on WordPress. It is because WordPress is easy to use and has a massive repository of paid and free plugins.

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How to create MySQL database server using ServerAvatar
Adarsh Sojitra

How to setup a MySQL database server using ServerAvatar

MySQL is the second most used database management system and is used by the most famous Content management systems like WordPress. It’s kind of a big deal, and indeed it is kind of a big deal considering it is a free relational database management system. Basically, when you configure your

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How to set up and secure remote MySQL connections

Scaling is always done in a hurry! Like dividing a web application into two different servers to manage more traffic and distribute the load over multiple servers. Or having multiple web servers accessing data from a single database server. Remote MySQL database connection is the solution here! In this guide,

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How to create and manage Cronjobs using ServerAvatar?

Cron is a software utility used to schedule jobs (Commands or scripts) based on time. For example, we can set a cron job to reboot a server every day at midnight using Cron. Here, the reboot job added to cron is called Cronjob. Cronjobs are very useful and widely used in

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ServerAvatar allows you to securely manage your WordPress/PHP sites on your VPS/VM without any kind of technical knowledge.

In other words, ServerAvatar allows you to set up a simple and scalable web hosting solution with the power of Cloud computing!


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